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Animal Evacuation Volunteers (AEV)                                     

Our History

Animal Evacuation Volunteers (AEV) started in 2002 as a gathering of dog sled (mushing) hobbyists who assisted Animal Control in Colorado's Park and Jefferson Counties when the Snaking, Black Mountain, and Hayman fires caused significant evacuations of mountain areas with little warning. The assistance given to County personnel was greatly appreciated, and it became obvious that this type of assistance would be invaluable in emergencies where many people could not return home to rescue their pets and other small animals.  Our group now includes animal lovers who just want to help, plus many with experience handling and caring for small animals, including veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, and former animal control officers. For more information on our organization, please e-mail us at info@animalEVAC.org.  

Although not an AEV requirement, some of our volunteers have completed basic firefighter training and maintain the appropriate certifications and equipment that enable them to operate in an active wildland fire zone. For more information about this program, see the Fire Dragons Page.

Our Goals

Our goals are to provide organized assistance to County personnel in rescuing animals under emergency conditions. The Counties have the legal authority to enter private property and to do what is necessary to rescue animals. AEV operates under the supervising County's authority.

Clear Creek County - Clear Creek Animal Rescue Team 303-688-0924
Jefferson County - Animal Control 303-271-5070
Park County - Animal Control 719-836-4122


AEV is a 501(c)(3) non-profit governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Current officers are:

    President, Laurel George
    Vice President/Treasurer, Kathy Doyle
    Secretary, Dianna Whitlock
    Director, Ken Haykus
    Director, Allison Henry
    Director, Lyn Lewis
    Director, Bambi Moss
    Director, Julie Westland
    Director, Sue Gallo


Under the direction and auspices of County sheriffs and/or animal control officers, we assist in pet and other small animal pickup, transport, and delivery to a designated safe location, where the animals are cared for until they can be reclaimed by their owners.  Our services are happily free of charge to all involved.  One of our members acts as Dispatcher who is contacted by County personnel when they may need AEV's assistance.The Dispatcher contacts volunteers from the list of those available. Volunteers who are able to help in a given emergency receive their response instructions from the Dispatcher.

Our Members

Our membership includes volunteers from all over the Front Range and as far as Hartsel.

Joining Us

AEV is happy to have as many participants as possible. If you would like to join the effort, please contact us by sending an email to info@animalEVAC.org. We will also need this Volunteer Information Form filled out and signed by you. The minimum age for volunteers is 18 unless in the company (under direct supervision) of a parent or guardian.


AEV Rescue Trailers

AEV was able to obtain two trailers that can haul all of the rescue materials necessary to remove pets from any natural disaster. With a lot of work from our members and community, they were cleaned up, painted, and rewired. They are valuable additions to our equipment for high volume rescues. For the first trailer, our thanks go to Valerie Natzke, Mobile Tire for the near new tires and Conifer Auto Body for the paint job. Thanks to ASPCA and Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors, which helped us to purchase the second trailer.